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Welcome to Drake Recruitment

Drake Recruitment is an independent business with an enviable reputation in the supply of temporary, permanent and contract based staff to the financial, technical and semi technical market place with an outstanding reputation regarding service levels, compliance and the ability to supply in a fluctuating marketplace to keep pace with our Client’s needs.

We have built a dedicated and professional team of consultants who listen to our clients and react accordingly and we deliver an honest, straight forward service, actively working towards candidate and client satisfaction.  We have become a recognised force in delivering our services throughout the UK.

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The Ultimate Job Interview Guide. Job interviews can be tough. They can cause nervousness, stress, and general unease. But here at Drake Recruitment, we believe that, if you’re fully prepared for the interview, you can largely limit these feelings and come away from the interview fairly confident in yourself. “But ...
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6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency in 2020. If you’re looking for work this year, why not use the help of a recruiter or a recruitment agency? After all, it’s their job. You wouldn’t deny an ice-cream man from serving ice-cream or stop a lollipop lady from ...
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5 Job Interview Myths Debunked by Experts. When you think about common myths and rumours, three things come to mind; The Loch Ness Monster, the city of Atlantis, and job interviews. Ok, so maybe job interviews aren’t quite in the same category as the other two. But you’d be surprised ...
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